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you will find below the answers to the questions we get most often. if you have a different question or if you need more information, our team will be happy to assist! all you have to do is click on the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen, or write us at


cotton wicks, which are actually cotton filaments braided together, are commonly used for candles because they work well with different types of wax. they require little maintenance, create a higher vertical flame, and those used by SOJA&CO. do not contain lead (sometimes present in order to create a better projection). cotton wicks should be trimmed 1/4 inch from wax surface before each use.

wood wicks are thin strips of wood designed for this purpose. the main attraction of a wood wick is the crackling sound, similar to a fireplace, emitted by the candle when lit. the flame is horizontal and therefore less high but the wax tends to melt more evenly, therefore the projection of the scent is optimized. wood wicks require a little more maintenance, including trimming the wick to 1/8 inch from the wax surface before each use. it is possible that this wick will be more difficult to light and keep lit if the maintenance is not well done. more details here

in the end, both types of wicks work well for burning candle wax and releasing a fragrant scent. the cotton one is often purchased for its ease of use, while the wooden one is prized for the mood it creates. the choice of wick is really a matter of preference, so why not try both?

wood wicks are only offered in the 8oz size for select fragrances. here is how to find which ones are currently available:

  • in the main menu, click on "THE BOUTIQUE", "CANDLES" then on "ALL OF THE CANDLES"
  • in the filters on the left of your screen, you will see the option "wood wick" under "SUB-CATEGORY"
  • click on the square next to "wood wick" and only the fragrances offering that option will show
  • click on the fragrance of your choice and in the Size dropdown, select "8oz — wood wick"

candles with wood wicks require more maintenance than cotton wick candles. please see the full candle care guide here.

our candles are made of 100% natural soy wax, which emits 90% less soot when burned and does not increase the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. furthermore, our cotton wicks are lead-free and our plant-based, vegan fragrances are free of toxins such as phthalates. we therefore avoid as much as possible the release in the air of respiratory system irritants that could be dangerous for you, your fetus or your animals. moreover, our fragrances do not contain essential oils (which are less recommended for pregnant women) except for the following candles:

  • Coconut + Wasabi
  • Elemi, Bergamot & Saffron
  • Mango + Paprika
  • Citronella + Geranium

to reduce the risk even further, we recommend you try our reed diffusers. they give off the same fragrances as our candles, but without releasing any fine particles into the air.

the level of scent diffusion coming from candles is directly related to the amount of wax in the container. it is therefore quite normal that the 2oz size disperses much less than the larger sizes. we recommend using the 2oz as a test candle to determine if a fragrance appeals to you, then purchasing a larger size to fully enjoy the fragrance. another option would be to place the 2oz candle in a smaller room (like a bathroom), which amplifies the scent given the limited space.

for more candle care tips, visit CANDLE CARE


write us at ou by chat (the icon at the bottom right of your screen) with your order number starting with SOJACO, which product is damaged, and supporting photos. we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the options with you.

please visit this page for all of the details

please visit this page for all of the details

please visit this page for all of the details

please note that extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) can damage our products. therefore, if you're not home at the time of delivery, our carrier reserves the right to postpone it or drop off your order at a service point near you.

please visit this page for all of the details

we do not currently have a program where we can take back your containers. however, we encourage you to reuse them at home. here are a few examples

you can also fill up your empty containers with our products offered in bulk at our SOJA&CO. boutiques

finally, we are currently working on an innovation allowing us to offer you new options for reusing candle jars. more information to come!

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