Comment réutiliser nos pots ambrés SOJA&CO. ?

How to recycle our SOJA&CO. candle jars ?

Are your candles done? Don't put them in the garbage or the recycling can. You can say goodbye to the wax with a good cleaning (mild dish soap + boiling water) and we opt for a creative recovery and reuse of the container.

It is our pleasure to present you with several second lives for your little amber jars. By reusing, you can make a real ecological difference (in addition to a cute decoration!) Amber glass blends easily in any room of the house. Why not take advantage of it!

Perfect Addition to the Kitchen

Espresso cup

The perfect size for a good cup of coffee!

Treat jar

Store in the pantry or leave in the center of the kitchen. Many people are sure to dig in!

Spice Jar

Non-traditional spice jars! Display them on the counter for all to see.

Practical Options

Change jar

How about a trendy space for all that loose change? A perfect addition to your car console or bedside table.

Bathroom storage

Makeup remover pads or cotton swabs within easy reach for your skincare routine!

Hair Tray

Look after the clutter of hair clips, elastics and headbands! Helpful for a more organized morning.

Make it green


A reinvented pot for your cacti and succulents. Layers of rocks, sand and soil!

Dried flower vase

Once the stems are cut very short, lavender, eucalyptus or dried reeds will brighten up your home.

Share your creations with us by tagging us in your photos (@soja_co) or by using the #SOJACO

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