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exceptional products by SOJA&CO.

we are a Quebec-based company specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality wellness products.

created around a commitment to ecological and social responsibility, SOJA&CO. stands out for its dedication to using non toxic ingredients and producing locally.

an unparalleled sensory experience for your clientele

integrating SOJA&CO. products into your operations is now possible through our commercial program.

our product offering is tailored to the daily needs of restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, spas, gyms, and more!

choosing SOJA&CO. is more than just adding a simple product: it’s offering your patrons a moment of luxury, authenticity and wellness.

together, let's create unforgettable ambiances and exceptional self-care moments for your customers.

become a soja&co. commercial partner

thank you for your interest in using local, non toxic products in your business!

to become a commercial partner, simply click the button below and diligently fill out the questionnaire.

we will confirm your participation in the commercial program via email within 2 business days.

if you have any questions about the program, contact