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at SOJA&CO, we are deeply committed to the environment and the local economy

we are constantly looking for new ways to be as eco-friendly as possible - this is why we are committed to choosing high-quality local ingredients, in addition to using sustainable practices to minimize our ecological footprint. we are proud to carefully select our suppliers in order to offer you the most natural ingredients possible, while prioritizing environmentally-conscious packaging.


  • Our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, which emits 90% less soot and does not increase the level of CO2 in the air when burned
  • Soy wax is also biodegradable, non-GMO, and derived from a renewable resource
  • Our exclusive fragrances are vegan, plant-based and free of phthalates or toxins, allowing us to create the most fragrant (and natural) products possible
  • Our fragrances are also certified natural and organic by ECOCERT Cosmos, USDA, GREENSEAL, and SAFER CHOICE, and are prepared by a perfumery certified EcoVadis gold level



  • Our shipping boxes are made of 80% recycled wood fibers and starch, making them of natural origin and biodegradable in addition to being recyclable and reusable indefinitely
  • The kraft paper used to protect fragile products in packages is 100% recycled and recyclable
  • 100% recyclable air cushions are used to replace less eco-friendly bubble wrap
  • Invoices are always sent electronically to minimize paper waste

thank you for helping us make a difference!

We are proud to do our part to contribute to a more sustainable future for our beautiful planet, and we are convinced that every small gesture counts.

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