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Gua sha is a self-massage tool designed to detoxify, smooth and restore radiance to facial skin, while improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It comes from a Chinese therapeutic method that dates back to the time of the emperors and whose practice has been proven by traditional Chinese medicine for millennia.

Minēra is the very first porcelain gua sha made in Canada. Sculpted by hand in Quebec in the Limoges tradition, it is made from a 100% natural blend of kaolin, quartz and feldspar. MINĒRA was created for everyone, regardless of age, gender, skin type, personality, lifestyle, or level of discipline. It is an accessible, minimalist, and sustainable self-care tool that combines the power of minerals and the wisdom of the body to reveal your natural and unique beauty.


Cleanse the skin and apply your favorite serum or oil to facilitate the massage. Repeat each of the 9 exercises below 3 to 5 times per session; massage each side of the face separately for maximum results. Allow about 5 minutes. Clean and store your Minēra.

also available to accompany the porcelain: Minēra necessary oil


The exercices

1. The neck (to open the lymphatic ducts)

Slide the tool from the collarbones to the underside of the jaw towards, to open the lymphatic ducts.

2. Jaw and chin

Slide the tool along the jaw from the center of the chin to the earlobe.

3. Lips

Glide sideways over lips 5-7 times for a fuller pout.

4. Nose

Start at the corner of the nose and, as if you were using a spoon, slide upwards to massage the wrinkle that can sometimes form between the nostrils and the outer corners of the mouth.

5. Cheeks

Place the Minēra with the heart towards the nose and up towards the ear, taking care to rest in the hollow of the cheek.

6. Under the eye

Start at the inner corner of the eye and slide outward to the temple, passing over the eyelids (go VERY gently in the area around the eyes).

7. Eyebrows

Slide upward along the brow bone, from the inside to the outside.

8. Forehead

Start from the center of the forehead. Divide the forehead into three sections and slide the tool outward. Pressing firmly, make one pass, then make the next pass just below.

9. Neck

Slide the tool from the underside of the jaw towards the collarbones flush out the toxins.

To maximize the benefits, stimulate relaxation, and reduce inflammation, place the porcelain tool in the refrigerator for a few minutes or run it under cold water. The cold will further stimulate blood circulation, the expulsion of toxins, and the production of collagen.

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