5 indispensables du camping auxquels vous n’aviez pas pensé

5 camping essentials you didn't think of

5 camping essentials you didn't think of

Sure, the tent, sleeping bag and cooler are ready (if they're not already waiting for you in the car), but did you have these few items on your list? Say hello to a fun and hassle-free camping experience, star-filled nights, great laughs and unforgettable memories!

1- An inflatable hammock

To settle comfortably in any environment, without the complications of a regular hammock, the inflatable chair version will become your best companion. With just a few shakes, the canvas quickly turns into a light armchair that can accommodate up to two people: very hygge.

2- Citronella candles

Nobody likes to be eaten by mosquitoes. Even less on a camping trip with nowhere to run. Did you know that citronellol and geraniol are two molecules hated by mosquitoes and that they try to avoid them at all costs?

Made in Quebec, SOJA&CO.'s brand new citronella candle is made of essential oil of these molecules, whose scent is powerful, but still very pleasant. Like all SOJA&CO. products, this candle is made of natural ingredients, without toxicity, for an environmentally friendly camping trip. Bonus point: it burns up to 100 hours! Enough to be enjoyed all season long.

3- The Bluetooth speaker

We all agree that entertaining music by the fire is essential! Choose a light and compact Bluetooth speaker that won't be too bulky and that you can easily carry from one activity to another. Worried about battery life? Make sure you're equipped with a solar charger, which will allow you to power all of your mobile devices with the energy of light.

4- First Aid Kit

Boring? Maybe, but it's better to be prepared for any eventuality, in order to leave with peace of mind. Many first aid kits adapted for vacations are available in specialized outdoor stores, in order to meet the needs of both amateur and experienced campers.

5- Board games

When camping, leisure activities are more limited when the weather is not in your favor. Rainy evening? No problem! Be sure to bring a deck of cards and two or three more of your classic game options, depending on the length of your stay and the number of people attending. Then, enjoy this back-to-basics experience under the light of your lanterns and flashlights!

A TREE PLANTED WITH EACH ORDER: Learn more about SOJA&CO's eco-friendly values.

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