Désencombrement : 4 étapes vers une salle de bain minimaliste

Decluttering: 4 steps to a minimalist bathroom

Decluttering: 4 steps to a minimalist bathroom

Whether we move or not, summer often calls for a breath of fresh air and renewal. What if we took advantage of the time to create more space in our home by cleaning out our belongings room by room? One place we love, essential to our self-care journey, is without a doubt the bathroom. But how do you transform this space into a more zen and minimalist place? It's simple, by de-cluttering!

Here are 4 tips to declutter your bathroom.

1- Empty everything and take inventory

The first step of any good cleaning is to create an inventory. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's not uncommon to forget what you already own - even to accumulate duplicates. Start by emptying each of your cabinets and drawers and then gather each category: Medication, hygiene essentials, make-up, styling tools… That's a lot, isn’t it...?

2- Donate, throw away, sell

With the overview of what you have in front of you, start by throwing away what is outdated or broken and irreparable. Then ask yourself: will you really use those samples that have been accumulating under the sink for years? Do you really need them? When was the last time you curled your hair with your vintage waving iron? Who knows, maybe those items collecting dust in your drawers could make someone else so happy. Think about offering them to friends, organizations or posting an ad on social media.

3- Encourage zero waste products

A minimalist bathroom also means making more eco-friendly choices. Where to begin? Choose quality over quantity. And ultimately, minimize packaging.

Did you know that SOJA&CO. offers a line of bath products? Vegan, animal cruelty free and zero waste alternative, these products will quickly become favorites of the entire family.

Our suggestions:

- Makeup remover - cleansing bar (face)

Why we love it? The best ally for people in a hurry, taking care of your skin and the environment at the same time has never been so easy.

- Liquid Hand Soap - Pine + Cedar Bark

Why we love it? Made from natural ingredients, this hand soap comes in a 4L format that lets you fill up to 17 238ml bottles. An eco-friendly and economical solution!

- Conditioner Bar - Eucalyptus + Grapefruit

Its coconut and castor oils, as well as its shea and cocoa butters, will leave your hair soft, shiny and easy to comb for several days.

4- Get organized

Now that you only have the essentials in your bathroom, make sure you organize them in an efficient and thoughtful way. Use baskets or dividers to organize all categories of products in your cabinets and drawers. Also, keeping what you own in plain sight is the best way to avoid re-hoarding.

A minimalist hand room is so much more functional and energizing. Not only does it save space and energy, but it gives you more time for what really matters: taking care of yourself!

One step at a time towards a more responsible world.

Discover SOJA&CO's ecological initiatives. :

- SOJA wax

- One tree planted with each order

- Local Production

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