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at SOJA&CO., we reward your loyalty

our goal is to be your local destination for all your wellness products — and the more loyal you are to SOJA&CO., the more you'll be rewarded. create a customer account, accumulate S&CO points. by performing different actions, and exchange them for little goodies. don't forget to log in at each visit in order to fully benefit from the program!

earn points

create a customer account

200 S&CO. points — it's right here

purchase products

1 S&CO. point for each $1 spent

happy birthday!

200 S&CO. points

write a product review

25 S&CO. points per review

"Like" on facebook

100 S&CO. points

follow on instagram

100 S&CO. points

use your points

free shipping in Canada

500 S&CO. points

$5 discount

500 S&CO. points

$10 discount

1000 S&CO. points

$15 discount

1500 S&CO. points

$20 discount

2000 S&CO. points

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