our story

As a restaurant owner who’s passionate about marketing, Laurence Gaudreau-Pépin has a clear goal in mind: to become the go-to destination for candles and wellness products in Canada. With the environment and the local economy at the core of her values, she founded SOJA&CO. in October 2018.A lover of creative and enveloping scents in her everyday life, Laurence discovered a true passion for creating a relaxing ambiance. She partners with professional perfumers to create complex plant-based and free of toxic ingredients fragrances, which instantly transport us into a soothing atmosphere and allow us to escape in a matter of minutes.

With the help of her friend Geneviève, who takes care of logistics, the company has been a great success and quickly expanded its range of products. In 2020, Laurence's brother Benjamin joined the team to take care of the administrative side. SOJA&CO. is not only a company founded by a woman, it is also a family business with over 25 employees in different departments as of now!

The well-being of the body, heart, and mind - these are the words that inspired Laurence to create a company in her image. A wide range of products, toxin-free ingredients, unusual scents, and above all, good people - this is what you will find at SOJA&CO.!


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