All-Natural Wool Dryer Ball

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All-Natural Wool Dryer Ball — 

Are you invested in reducing your energy consumption as well as your use of chemicals harmful to your skin and the environment? If so, dryer balls are a great place to start!

It is a well-known fact that dryer sheets, frequently used to reduce static, contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin — and these sheets are far from being eco-friendly.

Our dryer balls absorb the moisture from your clothes, which keeps the air in the drum moist and static-free — and as they bounce around, the balls tumble your laundry and allow room for warm air to circulate, which reduces your drying time and therefore your energy consumption by up to 25%.

nos balles de séchage absorbent l’humidité de tes vêtements, ce qui garde l’air dans la cuve humide et sans statique — de plus en rebondissant dans la cuve, les balles agitent ton linge et laissent de la place à l’air chaud pour circuler, ce qui réduit ton temps de séchage et donc ta consommation énergétique jusqu’à 25%

The best part? The balls also make your clothes soft and fluffy by repeatedly rubbing against the fabric! What's not to love?



  • handmace in Canada
  • 100% made of natural wool
  • 7cm diameter
  • hypoallergenic (perfect for people who suffer from eczema or allergies)
  • 100% biodegradable (zero waste)
  • average length of use of 2 to 4 years
  • more natural and quieter than a plastic ball
  • available in 2 colours — by unit and in packs of 3 balls


place the balls in the dryer drum with your washed laundry — reuse them with every load

apply 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to your ball beforehand to add a light fragrance to your laundry — it is recommended to dedicate one ball per fragrance


Additional Information

  • it is recommended to use 3 balls for a medium load and 6 balls for a large load
  • the balls work best with natural fabrics (cotton, wool, linen, hemp and bamboo) — synthetic fabrics are generally recommended to be hung to dry to prevent static and prolong their life
  • static is also caused by the air in the drum being too dry, for example when the laundry is left there too long after the load ends — in that event, just spray a mixture of water and essential oil (in a dark spray bottle) in the drum before removing the laundry to moisten the air while leaving a pleasant scent behind

Customer Reviews

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Beau cadeau

Beau cadeau à offrir. Avec quelques gouttes d’huile essentielle, les draps sont encore mieux. Ne réduit pas tant la statique par contre.

Très bien

Merci pour ce produit. Il est très bien.

1 balle

C’est très bien! Cependant je pensais que je recevrais 3 balles. Important de mentionner qu’il s’agit d’une seule balle. Je suis déçue.