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The Wellness Wheel: 8 concrete actions towards a well-balanced life

Having a healthy and balanced life is a dream cherished by many people, but achieving this life goal may not be as simple as snapping your fingers. How can you take concrete action towards a more balanced life?

The Wellness Wheel is an image that illustrates the complexity of self-care through its different spheres forming a whole: spirituality, emotions, physical, financial, social, environmental, intellectual and occupational.

Here are 8 concrete actions for 8 spheres of well-being, which we hope will inspire you to take care of yourself in a global perspective.

Spirituality: Practice mindfulness

Whether it's a weekly yoga session or a 5-minute meditation every morning, incorporating mindfulness into your daily activities is a simple and realistic way to learn about spirituality.

Emotions: Keep a daily journal

What weighs on your mind? How do you feel right now? What have you been dreaming about? Getting into the habit of writing down your thoughts can help you gain clarity on how you really feel, and therefore, better manage your emotions.

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Physical: Treat your body well, even when you have limited time

From the inside out, your body needs to be pampered with quality ingredients, attention and care.

While going to the spa every day probably isn't possible for most people, make sure you use every opportunity to take care of your body by giving it the best of every day routines. A shower should never be boring: it's a self-care ritual! Facial massage, skin exfoliation and cleansing with the finest products is a great way to pamper yourself.

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Finances: Make a monthly budget

The first step towards financial balance is to create a personal budget. Obvious, you say? Yet very few people can explain every item of their spending. Listing your monthly expenses and income can help you become more aware of your finances to make enlightened consumer choices and sleep with a clear conscience.

Social: Create a social agenda for yourself that is split between solo time and time with friends

Social time deserves its place in your schedule. And so do your one-on-one moments with yourself. After several months of confinement, you may find it difficult to regain balance in your social life. Has spending so much time alone created an urgency to see all your loved ones quickly? While it can be reassuring to be reunited with loved ones, it can be easy to forget ourselves. Allow yourself as much time on your calendar as you allow to others.

Environment: Clear your living space

A healthy mind in a healthy body... But also in a healthy environment! Why not do some spring cleaning?

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Intellectual: Challenge yourself to learn something new

Learning contributes to developing your professional, social and communication skills. Be curious, whether by devouring a book, learning a new language, listening to podcasts or documentaries...All ways of learning are beneficial and knowledge is a big part of our personal growth.

Occupation: Share your passion

Whether it's your job or a hobby, make time for that special activity that makes your eyes sparkle and discuss it with other enthusiasts. By sharing around this occupation, you can not only inspire others, but also learn and connect.

What is your next wellness action towards achieving a more balanced life? And how do you take care of yourself?

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